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Success Checklist:
Set up your 6-fig Strategy!


part 1:

Remember these basics:

We want you to succeed! 
These three things will help you increase your chances of succeeding: 

1. Give yourself five years to succeed.
You need real time to MASTER the Five Critical Skills. Not
just know what they are or have some clue as to how they work. You have
to become the expert. Don't settle for anything less!

2. Be consistent. Learn and be active EVERY day
(even if it's just 10 minutes). Why? Because it's the habit that 
creates success, not just the activity. The habit creates the incentive
your mind needs to eventually focus hard core on your goal.

3. To be honest, the reason Elizabeta and I make sales every day is
BECAUSE we implement the Five Critical Skills. 

If you really want to be successful you MUST go over these skills many many, many
times, learn the Basics & Advanced Training well and begin mastering these skills.

part 2:
Now see all the details how to set up your six figure strategy:

Get back with your coach if you don't know
or are not confident about your answers...

...and then continue:


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